Air & Water Hoses Abrasive Material Applications Chemical & Petroleum

General Purpose:

Air & Water Hoses
- To handle air applications we carry a variety of connections offered in Brass, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel. Custom Hose lengths can be made in the Customer's hands next day if needed.
- A large variety of hose ends and adapters are carried to handle water applications.
- Cam and Groove, Irri-Loc-Bauer Style, Pin-Lug can be used on suction and discharge hoses when pumping water.

Material Handling:

Abrasive Material Applications
- Commonly used on Vac Truck applications we can offer a range of material handling hoses.
- Sludge Slayer - Offered in 2-1/2" thru 8" Inside Diameter is a heavy duty material handling hose designed for potable and central industrial vacuum equipment.

Chemical & Petroleum

- Chemical and Petroleum Transport can be done safe and easy.
- We can easily crimp transport hoses up to 4" Inside diameter, this allows us to avoid errors by under clamping made with banding tools.
- Hoses can be made custom with specifics for each individual customer.
- We offer 316 & 304 Stainless Steel ends, and stainless crimp sleeves.
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